New Products Launched

B15:3R956 Phthalo Blue G.S. is a 40% dispersion of a green shade 15:3 phthalo blue pigment developed as a stronger substitute for our B15:3R507 Phthalo Blue G.S. (35% pigment) and a resinated substitute for our B15:3N105 non-resinated Phthalo Blue G.S. (also at 40% pigment). Our B15:3R956 has shown improved compatibility in some acrylic coatings.  It can also be used in higher strength inks.

B29R944 Ultramarine Blue Green Shade is a very bright clean inorganic blue with excellent heat and light stability.  It has a greener tint and masstone than our B29R244 Ultramarine Blue Red Shade.

R177R956 Anthraquinone Red has an extremely transparent blue shade red masstone with excellent indoor light stability.  It is used in film and foil printing ink applications and in indoor paint and coating applications.

O73R545 DPP Orange is made with a high performance Orange 73 organic pigment of the diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole class.  Pigments in this class combine very good tinctorial properties with excellent fastness to light, weather, chemicals and solvents.

Y83R629 HR Yellow RS is an extremely transparent red shade yellow pigment that finds applications in transparent inks for foil printing and in masstone paint applications for transparent and metallic finishes.  It has good resistance to solvents and is redder in shade than our Y83R638 HR Yellow GS.