Reisperse® water-based dispersions provide the color that is required by our  customer’s application.  If you need a pigment dispersion that offers excellent lightfastness, durability, transparency, opacity or economics, you will probably find it in this standard product line.  If not, speak with us and we will develop your specific color. 

Coatings and Inks are our largest industry segments but many of our products have found  success in other applications  including adhesives, arts & crafts, paper, textiles, and many more.  Based on your requirements and our color expertise, we are sure we can solve your color problems.

At Reitech, we pride ourselves on providing our customers high quality dispersions manufactured to exacting specifications.   All products are manufactured by adding the ingredients by weight rather than volume, using calibrated electronic scales. Every batch of pigment used in the production is pre-tested in our labs ensuring performance and uniformity of our dispersions. 

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Let us recommend the right color dispersion for your project.